Wise Counsel, Wide Experience

You have passion for your mission. Your volunteers do the best they can. Your constituents are rooting for you.

But, it could be even better.

The capital campaign is still a dream. The board is encouraging you to start a major gifts program. They are eager for your fundraising strategy to meet its objectives. You and your staff could benefit from coaching from a seasoned professional.

Where do you go from here?

You need a fresh approach from someone who combines candor with wisdom and vision with pragmatism.

Because of her extensive history in philanthropy, Abbie brings her clients a variety of experiences from different organizations and other clients she’s worked with. The philanthropy industry is all about relationships. Whether the investment is for a scholarship, an exhibit or a building project, the core principles are the same. Abbie’s knowledge brings to bear strategies that have worked under diverse circumstances. This experience can keep an organization from going down a path that they might later regret.

Dan Allen, former Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa
currently Associate Dean for Development
The Harris School of Public Policy
The University of Chicago

Together we will revisit the fundamentals.

  • How compelling is your case?
  • How strong is your leadership?
  • How engaged is your board?
  • How committed are your donors?
  • How powerful are your relationships?
  • How viable is your infrastructure?

Hidden in the answers to these questions are the clues to a successful development program, whether your challenge is capital and endowment campaigns, women’s philanthropy, a major gifts strategy or leadership board development and training.

To accomplish your mission, contact us.